William Heinzen

William Heinzen

William was born in 1986 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. He has been writing stories ever since elementary school, when he discovered the only thing cooler than reading about sorcerers was writing about them. His third grade journal included preliminary works such as Detectives in Dinosaur Times, Sub Adventure, and METALMAN! William continued writing through high school and college before publishing his first novel, Warrior of Light.

William attended college at the University of Jamestown in Jamestown, North Dakota, where he received a degree in English (for fun) and a degree in Accounting (for a job). After college, he moved to Bismarck, North Dakota, where he currently works for a software technology company by day and writes by night (or when his boss isn’t looking).

While his favorite hobbies are reading and writing, in his spare time he also enjoys hunting, fishing, [losing at] chess, and a nice craft brew. Having grown up in the woods and moved to the prairie, he spends as much time out of doors as possible. He loves experiencing new places, and during his time as a company ‘road warrior’ traveled as far north as Barrow, Alaska, and as far abroad as the Republic of Palau.

Though he hopes to explore several genres, William’s favorite genre is epic fantasy—because those are the stories about people who find themselves in the darkest of places, at the worst of times, but still manage to do the right thing.

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