Warrior of Light

Tim Matthias has only ever known the peace of the South, but that peace is shattered when a group of mysterious creatures destroys his home. In search of answers, Tim discovers the poisoned wastelands of the North, where the Dark Lord Zadinn Kanas rules over all. It is here that Tim joins forces with a band of freedom fighters on a quest to find the Army of Kah’lash, a mythical force destined to serve those in need. At the same time, Tim must learn to use the magic of the Lifesource, for he is the Warrior of Light. As Tim struggles to accept his destiny, those around him must battle their way across the North, seeking a means to wage one last, desperate stand against Zadinn and his armies …

“An epic journey worth taking.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The scenery is vivid … the battles are ferocious … a thrill to read.” – Vandimag

“Heart-stopping … I’m eager to see what else comes from the pen of William Heinzen.” – Danielle Lincoln Hanna, author of Mailboat

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I will have a booth in Artist Alley at O! Comic Con in Council Bluffs, NE the weekend of July 7 – 9. Come check it out! You can learn more about the conventions at their website here.

Friday, July 28th – Sunday, July 30th – Tampa Bay Comic Con – Tampa, FL

After O! Comic Con, it’s off to Tampa for Tampa Bay Comic Con! The convention is in Tampa, FL from July 23-30. You can read more at their website here.

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I am always interested in hosting future events! If you would like me to host a signing at your book store, or speak to your writing class or book club, contact me!

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