Movie Review: Stephen King’s “It”

On Thursday, September 7th, I watched the new version of Stephen King’s It. Of all the movies I’ve gone to, I can think of four that completely mesmerized me in-theater: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Dark Knight, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and now, It. Here are...

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Book Two Update

At the beginning of August, I finished the first draft of the sequel to Warrior of Light. The manuscript comes in at 211,279 words, making it 15% longer than Warrior in its current state (the final word count for Warrior of Light was 182,659 words). That said, the...

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Can a Story Matter?

Everyone has their own reasons for writing. Some write to express themselves, others to make a living, and others simply because they love love it. So why do I write? To be fair, nobody has one single reason for doing anything they do, but I can certainly talk about...

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Tampa Bay Comic Con

Last weekend, I participated in Tampa Bay Comic Con in Tampa, Florida. I had a grand time, I met great people, and I even managed to sell a few books. To date, I’ve attended five conventions this year: February: Fargo-Moorhead Comic Con (Fargo, ND) March: Bismarck...

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The Rise of Fantasy Literature

I remember when the science fiction and fantasy section of a bookstore formed two or three shelves at most, often in a back corner and unattended by the average passerby. Today, however, it’s one of the largest sections in the entire store. What brought about this...

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Harry Potter, 20 Years Later

Last week, the first book in the Harry Potter series—Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone—celebrated its 20th anniversary. At 504 million copies sold, Harry Potter and its author, J.K. Rowling, are recognizable as household names. While I usually don't include...

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Never a Better Time to be a Writer

I recently spoke with a friend who was interested in publishing a book, and at the end of the conversation found myself saying something I’d never have anticipated ten years ago: “Just focus on writing—publishing is the easy part.” Until recently, I’d have said the...

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What is Malichon Manor?

Earlier this week, I posted the cover art for my short story “Malichon Manor” on my Facebook page. It’s a classic haunted house story, and I’m targeting an October 1 release to coincide with Halloween season. I’ve already had a few folks ask me what the word...

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Write Long, Run Far

Last weekend, I ran a 10k in Fargo, ND. The race is part of Fargo’s annual marathon week, which in addition to a full marathon also includes a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon relay. My brother Bob—who has participated in everything from marathons to...

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iMagicon 2017

I recently attended iMagicon in Minot, ND. This was the third convention I’ve attended in 2017, following Fargo-Moorhead Comic Con in February and the Bismarck Fandom Alliance Vendor Show in March. While all three were excellent experiences, iMagicon was the best yet....

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